Hugh Freeze Should Probably Delete His Twitter Account


Hugh Freeze shockingly resigned as the head football coach at Ole Miss Thursday and now we know why. Apparently university officials found a pattern of behavior “that included phone calls to a number associated with an escort service.”

At a press conference Thursday night, Ole Miss chancellor Jeffrey Vitter claimed Freeze resigned after confirming, “a pattern of personal conduct inconsistent with the standard of expectations for the leader of our football team.”

While we don’t have more details at this time, it’s fair to assume Freeze was doing things he wasn’t supposed to both with the football program and in his personal life. We know about his NCAA issues and the massive scandal his football program has been dealing with. And now we know he was calling escort services, as well as lying constantly.

For a guy who has presented himself as a pious man of God, these revelations are particularly entertaining. His Twitter account is full of near-daily reminders of his faith, as if he wished to bludgeon his followers with the idea that he was an ideal Christian. In fact, a quick perusal of Freeze’s Twitter feed is hilarious in retrospect.

Quite frankly, Freeze should probably take his account down. Here’s a look at some of his tweets, which look ridiculous give his alleged recently revealed extracurricular activities.

This one is particularly great. One phone call huh? Sounds familiar.

And it goes on and on and on. That is the Twitter account of a guy who ran one of the dirtiest programs in all of college sports and was calling escorts from his university-issued cell phone.

Something tells me Freeze needs to spend less time proselytizing and more time actually practicing what he preaches. He’s going to have plenty of time for that now that he’s out of a job.