Huge Possum On the Field Disrupts Texas Tech-TCU Game


Texas Tech and TCU are facing off in a Thursday night college football game not many people cared about. That is, until a positively massive possum made its way onto the field at the end of the first quarter.

This thing was massive and furry and, dare I say, cute? It kind of was, until a staff member began to drag it off the field and it brought the demon out of the large rodent.

Check this out:

No one has ever been so upset to be removed from a a TCU-Texas Tech game.

A few minutes later they showed him again:

Come on, let the possum stay! It just wanted to watch some low-level Big 12 football! Maybe he was just attempting to try out, he certainly couldn't hurt either team.

Just want to clarify, we're assuming this is a male because of its heft, but we're not wildlife experts, it could just be a large female.