AUDIO: Listen to Tom Brady Admit His Marriage With Gisele Had Issues on Howard Stern

Tom Brady and Gisele.
Tom Brady and Gisele. / Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Tom Brady appeared on Howard Stern this morning and played things close to the vest throughout. It wasn't until about 40 minutes into the interview that Brady showed a more vulnerable side of himself, admitting he and Gisele were having marital issues about two years ago and he had to change in order to make sure their marriage remained strong.

Discussing his decision to not take part in OTAs the last few years, Brady said Gisele wanted him to take a bigger role at home. He said she "wasn't satisfied with our marriage" and he "had to check myself." Of course, it's more impactful to hear it from Brady. Here's the audio.

It's interesting to hear Brady admit he was overly consumed with his own personal interests (football season, business ventures, training) and Gisele questioned when he would take a bigger leadership role of helping around the house. As he mentioned, she has her own goals too and she wanted Brady to carry as much of the weight of being a parent as she was.

Of course, in any marriage there are issues. That's what happens when two different people form one combined life. There's a give-and-take. Brady and Gisele's give-and-take is just a bit different than most of ours.

Brady did what he normally does in these interviews: He revealed himself as far as he wanted to, but didn't allow the questions to dictate the answers. It still felt scripted, though this admission about his marriage was was one of the few moments Brady talked about a truly personal matter in his career.