Sour Shoes Called Howard Stern as 'Mike and the Mad Dog' And It Was Brilliant

Chris Russo, Mike Francesa
Chris Russo And Mike Francesa Of Mike And The Mad Dog Get Together For SiriusXM Town Hall | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Sour Shoes -- whose real name is Michael DelCampo -- is a 46-year-old impressionist who has been a long-time caller into The Howard Stern Show and other popular programs. On Wednesday, he had one of his better calls, as he appeared as both Mike Francesa and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. It short, but brilliant.

Here's the call, which was captured thanks to Jimmy Traina:

His impressions of Francesa and Mad Dog are absolutely perfect. The fact that he can bounce between them so easily is incredible. He's done this on Stern's show before but this might be the best call yet.

DelCampo is a genius when it comes to comedic and musical impressions. He does a remarkably wide range of impressions and his eye for detail and call-back abilities are legendary. But he lives with his parents and can't really function in a classic work setting. Stern recently claimed he's attempted to hire him numerous times but it never works out.

Hey, as long as we keep getting comedy gold like this I'm fine with any arrangement they have going on.