How Tall Are the Remaining Quarterbacks in the NFL Playoffs? Tall Enough to Throw Better.

Drew Brees and Tom Brady and a bunch of people with cameras.
Drew Brees and Tom Brady and a bunch of people with cameras. / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

You might have awoken this morning wondering to yourself, how tall is Tom Brady? The answer of course is that Tom Brady is 6-foot-4, which is tall enough to make a conference championship game in 2021. Or perhaps you want to know how tall Aaron Rodgers is. He's 6-foot-2. Just barely tall enough to earn a seat at the big kids' table with Josh Allen (6-foot-5) and Patrick Mahomes (6-foot-3).

You may have asked yourself how tall Drew Brees is (6-foot) after seeing Brady tower over him during one of their embraces on Sunday after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints. You probably already knew that both Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne (also 6-foot-3) are both taller than Baker Mayfield (6-foot-1).

This comes a week after Russell Wilson (5-foot-11) was knocked out of the playoffs by Jared Goff (6-foot-4) after he stepped in for an injured John Wolford (6-foot-1) on short notice.

According to my research, just twice in the last two decades has a team won the Super Bowl with a quarterback shorter than Wolford. Brees in 2010 and Wilson in 2014. So while the Cleveland Browns have some optimism after winning their first playoff game in a quarter of a century, it will be a tall order for Baker Mayfield to actually win the Big Game. Is Dak Prescott (6-foot-2) ready to come up in a big spot or should they roll the dice and sign 39-year-old Philip Rivers (6-foot-5) for a year so they can finally reach their long-term goal?

These are the big questions that teams weigh, or measure using other units, when deciding between guys like Joe Burrow (6-foot-4) and Tua Tagovailoa (6-foot). It's a tall order to find the right franchise quarterback. If a team is lucky they make short work of it.