How Other Announcers Should Copy Cris Collinsworth and Go Viral


Cris Collinsworth’s slick slide into your broadcast on Sunday night has become a thing. So much of a thing that the NBC analyst is messing with audiences by coming in from the other side. People (not me) really care about this. It’s become a content cash cow. Because the NFL is a copycat league, it won’t be long until other color guys try to capitalize on the crazy with their own introductory affectation.

Here’s what we might see.

Witten Wink: Jason Witten winks. That’s it. The brilliance is that he doesn’t say anything. Everyone wins.

The Fakeman: Troy Aikman comes into frame, extends his hand for what looks to be a handshake with Joe Buck, then pulls it away at the last minute, Papi Le Batard style. Buck never gets wise to the bit, feeding the haters at home.

Romo Ohhhhhhhh: Our man Tony just makes one of those weird noises he loves making while Jim Nantz welcomes all friends. Gets progressively more ridiculous by week.

Moose Ears: Daryl Johnston comes in with his hands on his head like Bullwinkle or Joey Gladstone. Classic sight gag.

If I know anything, it’s that the college guys won’t sit idly by as their pro brethren go viral. Ergo, these are possibilities.

Danielson Doff: Gary Danielson brings a touch of class and Southern manners to CBS’ afternoon game by tipping his cap to viewers as Brad Nessler greets him.

Herbstreit Hiya: Everyone knows Kirk Herbstreit is an affable guy, and a simply “hi there” would be an excellent, no-nonsense approach to the fad. No need to force it.

The Klattle Call: Joel Klatt dips in next to Gus Johnson with a triumphant cowbell, announcing his arrival.

The Hairon Rodgers: SEC Network’s Jordan Rodgers flips that majestic mane of his, proceeeds to run his fingers through it.

Think this is silly? Well, yeah. It is. But who could have imagined that a guy sliding into a camera shot — in a fairly unoriginal way — would become a sensation? The internet is nothing if not stupid and unpredictable.