How Much Money Do NFL Waterboys Make?

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

NFL teams require massive support staffs to keep players healthy and on the field. One group of people who carry a big responsibility during practices and games are waterboys (or girls). Yes, it may seem funny, but keeping players hydrated is an important aspect of their health, and these sideline staff members are incredibly valuable. We decided to try and ascertain how much waterboys (or girls) make at the NFL level.

Being a waterboy is an entry-level NFL job and does not require a college degree. Former NFL player Jake Thieneman claimed in a TikTok clip that the average waterboy makes around $53,000 per year. That varies depending on the team and the applicant's experience.

There's more to the job than just filling water and Gatorade cups or passing out towels. The waterboys are part of the team's training staff. They help tape players up and learn about how to keep players healthy from head trainers. Thienmen claimed it was more of an apprenticeship to learn the craft instead of just filling water bottles.

They also get free tickets, often travel with the team, and give free merchandise. So there seem to be a lot of perks to the job.

So, no, being a waterboy in the NFL isn't anything like the Adam Sandler movie. The Waterboy was a whole lot of fun but didn't have any basis in reality.