How Much Does Food and Beer Cost at the 2020 Super Bowl?

Beer at Super Bowl
Beer at Super Bowl / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

MIAMI -- The cost to attend the Super Bowl is obviously high, but once you've forked over a few thousand to get in, how much does it cost to sustain oneself?

I've always wondered what the price point is for fans to eat and drink in the Super Bowl so, in my first experience covering it, I went to find out how much a beer and food costs at the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami. Here are the results.

How much does a hot dog cost at the Super Bowl?

Hot dog and popcorn Super Bowl price.
Hot dog and popcorn Super Bowl price. /

I mean, $4 for a hot dog isn't bad. What a value hot dog is, I do not know. They weren't prepared yet (I'd say that's good considering this was four hours before the game). But $12 for a footlong seems a bit high. A $15 popcorn, $12 piece of pizza and $9 pretzel are slightly jacked up prices too. Lesson here is stick to the value options. They may be smaller, but your wallet will remain bigger.

How much do wings cost at the Super Bowl?

Wings and beer Super Bowl price.
Wings and beer Super Bowl price. /

Another price-point that is palatable for those who live in a city on the East Coast. Maybe not for people in other areas of the country. But $12 for wings is pretty normal nowadays.

A $15 unlimited soda might seem like a lot, but if you split that between a few people the price-per-sip goes down, which is nice. No word on if straws cost extra (kidding, they don't).

How much does beer and water cost at the Super Bowl?

Bratwurst Super Bowl price.
Bratwurst Super Bowl price. /

If you are desperate for a brat, I have bad news for you. For $14, you could brat-up your entire Super Bowl party at home. At the big game? That's a solo brat.

Good news is, the water is only $5. Yes, it's a little high when you consider that's how much it costs for a case at Costco. But this is the Super Bowl. It ain't Costco.

As for beer cost, I saw it range from $17 for a large domestic to $14 for craft beer and $12 for a domestic. Honestly, not bad for an NFL game.

How much does an alcoholic drink cost at the Super Bowl?

Alcohol and water Super Bowl price.
Alcohol and water Super Bowl price. /

Listen, if you want hard alcohol at the Super Bowl, you're gonna have to pay for it. The double is the move here just based on the difference between a single ($18) and a double ($24). But again, that decision is on you.

Overall, yeah, prices are higher at the Super Bowl. But they're not quite as egregious as one might expect. At least not one who has been to an NFL game in the last three years.