How Many Kids Does Adrian Peterson Have? He's Fathered at Least 7 Children

By Jason McIntyre

As the Adrian Peterson allegations of child abuse mount – the latest one is a year old, and authorities took no action – a popular question has sprung up: Just how many kids does the great Minnesota Vikings running back have?

Good luck finding a firm answer. When asked by ESPN in 2013 how many kids he had, Peterson said, “I know the truth, and I’m comfortable with that knowledge.”

Spoken like somebody who has something to hide.

After Peterson’s 2-year old son – a child he never got to meet – died in 2013, the media began asking questions about Peterson’s off-the-field life, and the results were somewhat surprising.

A dancer at a gentleman’s club in Houston told the NY Post and TMZthat Peterson had fathered seven children – it’s unclear with how many women – but he “dutifully‘ pays child support.

Peterson is 29.

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