How Could Anyone Think This Bird Is a Rabbit?


Two of the internet’s biggest moments over the past few years have been What Color is the Dress and Laurel/Yanny. Humans have long enjoyed looking at things that look like two things and marveling in the confusion that can create. There’s a unique rush that only debating if it’s an old or young woman can bring.

Imbalance between supply and demand has created a monster though. That’s the only conclusion a sane person can come to after seeing the latest bit of nonsense that has tried to fill the void.

Dan Quintana, a senior researcher in biological psychiatry at the University of Oslo in Norway, is to blame. He’s the one that posted this clip to Twitter after greatly overestimating the intelligence of the unwashed masses.

You see, what happened is that it became a great debate. Is this a rabbit or a bird? No less than hundreds of media outlets picked up on it. Smiling morning show hosts bandied about the topic at 6:42 a.m. before another check on traffic and the weather.

And folks, this is deeply concerning.

How anyone could look at this bird (which it is, by the way, if you’re dim) and think it’s a rabbit is beyond me. The only excuse for confusion is if you’ve never seen both animals before.

To see this bird’s beak and think, ‘hey those are some cute bunny ears’ is a sign that our education system is failing. What, prey tell, do these people think a rabbit’s ears look like? Because I’m no expert but, uh, they don’t usually have a shark-fin curve to them. Also, they are ears so they’re not a smooth, flat surface.

Do you guys not know how ears work? There has to be some nooks and crannies for a mammal. Much as a piece of Waffle Crisp traps the milk, an ear traps the sound.

Most perplexing is the smooth-brained fools who believe that rabbits’ ears are stacked vertically along the head. Again, glance at a picture of the animal one time, boys and girls. There’s actually one on the left and one on the right.

Also, if you believe this to be a bunny, where the actual hell would its mouth and nose be? Those are crucial elements to a face.

Anyway. This isn’t something to get worked up over. It’s just … one of the internet’s dumbest moments in a long time, clearing an already-high bar.