The Houston Texans Don't Deserve the Player or Leader That Deshaun Watson Has Always Been

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Deshaun Watson situation in Houston has spiraled out of control. Every day there are new rumors and reports about just how bad and irreparable the relationship between the star quarterback and the organization has gotten. While Watson is not talking to the team, he is still acting as a leader in the community, asking a group planning to march on his behalf to go home and stay safe.

It's that simple. He heard something was happening, saw that it clearly benefited no one but himself as he sat safely in his home, and sent out a tweet that immediately ended things.

The events of the last few weeks, months and years have made something so easy and straightforward look like the absolute height of leadership. A single tweet asking people to not do something stupid. In Houston it should not come as a shock.

Watson was still in college at Clemson when he became the face of Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina. He launched the Deshaun Watson Foundation in 2019 to help families and youth in the Houston community. In 2017 he donated his first game check to NRG stadium cafeteria workers who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The Houston Texans ruining their relationship with this guy is unforgivable. You should not be allowed to own a franchise if you're not going to commit 100 percent to a Deshaun Watson. He clearly means a lot to this fan base and community and we haven't even touched on what he's capable of on the field. Whatever is going on in Houston that has soured or angered Watson needs to be addressed. Dan Orlovsky said on Get Up today that things are even worse than are being reported.

It doesn't seem possible. In fact, it sounds so bad that the NFL might want to step in. The Texans are about to lose a major star in the eighth biggest media market in the country. J.J. Watt is also on his way out. Former players like Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins have also chimed in saying there's something wrong.

Whether its one person or a whole culture that needs to replaced from the top down, something needs to change because every franchise in the league should want a guy as good on and off the field as Deshaun Watson. If they don't, why does this team exist?