2023 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Canceled Because of Lightning, Pouring Rain [UPDATE]

Joey Chestnut's greatest rival is Mother Nature.

Professional Eaters Compete In Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest
Professional Eaters Compete In Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest / Alexi J. Rosenfeld/GettyImages

The 2023 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest was canceled when a storm hit Coney Island early Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after the women's competition was won by Miki Sudo, it started to rain. The competition was first delayed because of lightning, but the forecast made it impossible to continue and the NYPD made the call to cancel the event. ESPN2 remained in alternate programming with a chyron saying the contest was in a weather delay.

UPDATE: Joey Chestnut apparently un-canceled the event and then ate 62 hot dogs to win again. Extremely weird afternoon on Coney Island.

People did what they could to stay safe and/or dry, crowding the subway station and standing on tables under umbrellas. The rain hiding the tears that come with some of the more devastating news you'll ever hear on July 4th: Nobody gets to watch Joey Chestnut eat hot dogs today.

The most surprising part of this is that there is no Plan B. They don't have a place indoors where the competition could have gone on for just the fans watching at home. Instead we have to settle for social media videos of Badlands Booker chugging lemonade.

Happy Fourth of July? No such thing this year.