Hole-in-One With Putter Proof You Should Aways Goof Around on the Course


Allison Koehnke surveyed Sheep Ranch's picturesque, 102-yard 16th hole and asked for her caddie to hand her the putter. She proceeded to aggressively chip her tee shot up the right side of the fairway with tremendous pace. A fortuitous bounce off one of her playing partner's ball later, and she was the proud owner of a hole-in-one. With video proof to back it up.

There was actually a tremendous amount of strategy involved, per Golf Digest.

"The anatomy of a putting ace goes like this: Allison Koehnke told her caddie for the day, Graham Banks, that she could be twitchy with short irons, and that her solution was keeping the ball on the ground with her putter. She relished chances to bomb 100-yard putts. That stewed in Banks’ head until they reached the 16th. Allison’s moment. With the fescue grass cut tightly, the narrow runway to the hole runs smoothy, but there are bumps and undulations that pinball a shot in various directions. “Like playing a video game,” Banks lined Allison up. He coached her on getting the perfect height on her tee. She took a few practice swings, dialing in what they’d dubbed the “chutt”—chip-putt. Then came the real swipe, the putter rising about waist high and sending the ball in flight about a few inches off the ground."

Of course, this is exactly what a person would say if they'd been messing around on the tee box with a putter and somehow, some way benefitted from the break of a lifetime to go viral but didn't want to disrespect the game. But we'll take her at her word.

The point is that the end result is the same no matter the intention. An ace is an ace no matter what route or gameplan it takes in finding the bottom of the cup. Never let the ranger or those drinking rum and Coke on the clubhouse deck deter you from doing what you want to do.

A driver on a 130-yard par-3? If that's your best chance at hitting the green — well why not? Want to prove a point to your buddy Dennis that you can beat him using only an 8-iron? Have at it, hoss. The time has come to fully embrace the idea of subverting the dominant paradigm.

May this absurd clip spark a revolution.

Always goof around. Innovation comes from experimentation even if it's often frowned upon by the polo shirt crowd.