Hockey Players Still Trying To Figure Out The Whole Viral Video Thing

Stephen Douglas

Viral videos are one of the newest and most difficult forms of advertising. First, the video has to feature an action that is really interesting to make the unsuspecting viewer say, “Holy shit!” The video has to be fairly believable upon initial viewing. Why is Chuck Liddell training naked? Why is Evan Longoria doing an interview down the first baseline while someone is taking batting practice? No one knows, but that was crazy. Also, you have to make sure that people can see what’s happening in the video.

That’s where this viral video from Jonathan Toews and some hockey equipment company falls short. In order to see Toews hit 4 of 4 targets from the opposite end of the ice, you have to switch the display to 720p and maximize the video. Otherwise it just looks like some hockey player swinging a stick while a friend watches him embarrass himself by only hitting 2 of 4 targets from close range. Oh, and finally, you should be trying to convince people to buy a useful product. Who needs a hockey stick? [Puck Daddy]