Hilarious Little Kid Dances at Marlins Game, Delights Internet With Best Fan Cam Vine Ever


Watch this Vine a few times. It’s hilarious. It’s a little kid dancing like a maniac at a Miami Marlins game. When is it from? No clue. First it was from the weekend and then it was from earlier this season. Whatever. Funny kid dancing. Best Fan Cam ever. It just showed up on Twitter last night and everybody loved it. Myself included.

Some people who find stuff like this for a living (@GoldandorSmith, @CorkGaines) questioned the veracity of the video. (How did every blog and everyone at MLB miss this in the first place?) They were quickly shouted down by people whose friend’s cousin’s sister’s co-worker in Canada had seen it live. It’s like the shark video from last week – it could be fake, but what’s the end game? Best not to ask questions and collect page views.  [Vine by @RayvenTirado]

UPDATE: MLB has finally released the original video, which they had been holding out on the public for some reason.

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