67 Percent of 'Highly Questionable' Panel Shows Bare Midriff


It's been an extremely active day on the J.J. Watt front. If you count this one, there have been six posts on the topic which have appeared on The Big Lead dotcom. Things moved especially quickly and chaotically around lunch as a very dumb rumor of Watt's Peloton profile seemingly pointed in the direction of his thinking before Watt himself said he doesn't even own a bike and then quickly reported news of a Arizona Cardinals future.

This period wreaked havoc on the crew over at ESPN's Highly Questionable derailing an otherwise buttoned-up and polished show singularly focused on the biggest issues of the day. And showing off a Willy Wonka-approved display of man candy.

Both Domonique Foxworth and Mike Golic Jr. were willing to expose their bare midriffs to showcase varying stages of abdominal definition, making Pablo Torre the odd one out with his refusal to give the people what they, uh, want?

It was actually a savvy move by Torre. Leave a little to the imagination. Create several pieces of content about the unseen belly button, capture the SEO marketplace, monetize, and profit on your own likeness. There's a reason why these people climb to the highest levels of sports television and it's by implanting curiosity over an innie-outtie debate into the minds of a nation that never intended to be thinking about it in the first place.

Anyway, the segment was immediately rendered unusable as news of Watt's Cardinals' deal came across the wires. It would have been lost to time had the show's official account tweeted it out. Which, for the record, was the correct choice. And spawned secondary content, which you're reading now.

Life's rich tapestry, man. There are limitless designs. Most of them very weird.