Here's Why There Was No Pass Interference on the Saints Fake Punt

Bobby Burack
San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

There was confusion on a fourth-and-18 fake punt play when the officials didn't call pass interference on 49ers' Tarvarius Moore, who clearly interfered with the ball thrown at Tre'Quan Smith, a wide receiver for the Saints.

Sure, Saints' fans will think they were jobbed once again by the refs, but they weren't. As many have pointed out, the rules say there is no pass interference on fake punt plays. Yes, by rule, when an offense is in a punt formation, there's no such thing as PI.

This isn't a rule most know about. Thus the outrage and conspiracies have already begun and will continue until at least late into the evening. With that said, out of all the teams for this to be brought to attention on...

The real question now is whether or not this will be a rule by the start of next season. Can the Saints change another one?