Here's Tom Brady Trying to Act in a Funny or Die Video


While Peyton Manning might not ever catch Tom Brady in the “Super Bowls Won” or “Super Models Banged,” at least he’s funny. Nothing shows the difference between these two quarterbacks quite like their advertising history. Manning has spent years doing ads for everything under the sun and he’s shown some decent comedic timing along the way. Meanwhile, Brady has been honing his “rugged, sexy, goat-lover” mystique, pimping cologne, watches, fuzzy boots and beauty in general. In this Funny or Die video, Brady is subjected to bad “Boston accents” and then he freaks out and hits a cardboard cutout of himself. It’s all very “meh,” but at least his hair looks good.

Here is Brady’s previous attempt at act – a cameo on Entourage. Amazingly, Brady was the best actor on set that day. Of course, they dressed Drama like a hip-hop Stewart Payne for the golfing episode. Excuse me. My eye is starting to twitch.