Here's Another Chance To Gawk at Josh Allen's Arm Strength

By Henry McKenna

If there’s one thing NFL fans know about Josh Allen, they know that his arm is comprised of radioactive material. He’s got a cannon. He’s a human laser show. His arm is a rocket.

Did I miss any cliches?

Allen, who could be in the mix to go No. 1 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, has shown off his arm in college games and while messing around (by nailing a goalpost on his knees from 50 yards away). But Allen’s pro day was yet another chance for the Cleveland Browns, NFL scouts and draft nerds to gawk at the former Wyoming quarterback’s right arm.

Me: Oooo.

Bucky Brooks: “His arm talent has never been a question.”

Browns Twitter: “Sheesh!”

Me: Ahhhhhhh.

Mike Mayock: “It jumps out of his hands.”

Me: *GASP*

Bucky Brooks: “It’s on a rope.”

And while it’s fun to see Allen’s silly power, which he isn’t even fully displaying in this casual workout, here’s a look at when he doesn’t whip the ball downfield. Allen showed some touch on this ball.