Here Are All the Dwyane Haskins Rushing Highlights


Stephen A. Smith further facilitated debate on Friday with his Dwyane Haskins opinion. He views the former Ohio State quarterback as more of a runner than a passer headed into the NFL Draft. The good news, of course, is that sports aren’t real and a contrarian opinion like this can’t hurt you even if it’s not really backed up by evidence.

Since then, I’ve seen a lot of people — including Haskins’ teammates pile on with jokes about footspeed.

But Haskins can run. A bit. Short distances and very infrequently, but it counts nonetheless. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of his more memorable scampers as a Buckeye.

Who could forget this run against Michigan, when Haskins came in relief to secure an enormous victory?

Or this option keeper against TCU?

Three of Haskins’ six touchdowns against Maryland came on the ground, including the eventual game-winner.

And that’s it, really.

Taking away sacks, Haskins ran the ball 59 times for 215 yards and four scores during his historic season. We will always have the memories if he doesn’t magically develop into a dual-threat at the next level.