Henry Winkler Jumps On Wichita State Bandwagon, Gets All the Retweets


Henry Winkler, best known as “The Fonz” and “Barry Zuckercorn,” is a proud Wichita State Shockers Bandwagon Jumper. The story behind Winkler’s hours-long love affair with Wichita State is as unbelievable as me not being able to come up with a good reference to transition into this quote from an actual story on ESPN.com:

"Winkler’s son, Max, is good friends with Theodore Bressman, a 30-year-old screenwriter in Hollywood. Bressman grew up in New York and went to Harvard, but his mom is from Wichita, his grandmother was the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at WSU and he attended the program’s basketball camp as a kid."

Henry Winkler’s kid’s friend’s mom’s mom worked at Wichita State. And his kid’s friend went to basketball camp. And that kid’s friend watched basketball at Winkler’s house this weekend. So now he’s wearing a hat and making the shocker hand sign. What a time to be alive.

[Image via @Waffles1776]