Heath Evans Puts NFL Network on Blast, Vigorously Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations


Heath Evans released a statement on Thursday about the claims he sexually harassed an NFL Network employee, who said in an October lawsuit that Evans sent nude photos and propositioned her with sex.

In the statement, Evans said the NFL Network fired him on July 27 after he refused to sign “silencing agreements.” Evans said he sent and received “pictures of a sexual nature” with the accuser, an exchange which he said he regretted. He also said they engaged in “mutual flirtations.”

The lawsuit included accusations against former players Evans, Marshall Faulk and Ike Taylor and former network executive Eric Weinberger. The NFL Network suspended the three analysts in December after the legal documents from the lawsuit were unearthed. Weinberger had already left the company to be the president of Bill Simmons Media Group.

The NFL Network provided a response to Evans’ statement.

“Heath’s employment was terminated as a result of his own misconduct – which he freely admitted to on Twitter today,” an NFL Network spokesperson wrote by email on Thursday. “Before severing its relationship with Heath, the NFL carefully considered all of the circumstances, including the information that Heath provided. In the end, the NFL concluded that his conduct was not acceptable in our workplace and we stand by our decision to terminate his employment.”

In Evans’ first tweet on Thursday, he wrote: “My silence is over! Attached to these next few tweets is my first public statement since being falsely accused of sexual harassment 8 months ago. PLEASE READ.”

In his second tweet, which included his direct messages, he wrote: “NOTE: For Clarity, on the text message screenshots, the frown emoji was sent b/c I forgot to call back. I responded with a voice text b/c I was driving. I also forgot to respond after her last response on 9/30/2017.”