New Miami Heat Uniforms Are A Lot


Sports teams have been maximizing how many different jerseys they wear during the season because each one is something else to put in the team store and potential revenue. The old and curmudgeonly among us used to complain about the proliferation until everyone realized each reveal comes with the opportunity for an art-based debate online. And few things are more trivial and therefore rewarding than arguing over whether new threads are sick or downright stomach-turning.

The Miami Heat's new City Edition jerseys should elicit some strong reaction as they're pretty out there.

One thing we can all agree on, though, is that the hostage-takers who forced such a note must be brought to swift justice. Using a classic magazine cutout ransom note is a nice artistic touch but does not shield the sender from prosecution.

For my money, this jersey rules. Each letter and number is pulled from a different Heat edition. They will be customizable for each player and for fans, ensuring maximum time is spent playing with fonts. Big day for fonts!

My verdict, which may not match your own, is these rule pretty hard.