Head of Dan Snyder's Original Americans Foundation Found To Have Ripped Off Bureau of Indian Affairs For $1 Million

By Ty Duffy

Dan Snyder hired Gary Edwards, a Cherokee nation member and former Secret Service agent, to head his lame attempt to mollify critics of his franchise’s racist moniker. That decision is not looking so hot. Edwards is the CEO of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association. That organization was cited in 2012 Office of Inspector General report for providing “no benefit” to the government, after accepting a $1 million government contract to recruit law enforcement workers.

"The government “received no benefit when they awarded a recruitment services contract to NNALEA, thus wasting almost $1 million,” the report states. The report says the NNALEA provided the government with 748 applications, “none of which were of use to” the Office of Justice Services, the report states."

Good job, good effort, Dan. Not sure why the foundation was not just called the “Washington Redskins Redskins Foundation,” since that is a term of pride.

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[Photo via USA Today Sports]