Solomon Hill Completes Successful Hail Mary to Kevin Huerter to End Half of Hawks-Raptors

Kevin Huerter lays it in
Kevin Huerter lays it in /

The extremely rare but not impossible occurred tonight during the Atlanta Hawks' matchup with the Toronto Raptors. As the end of the half ticked down, Pascal Siakam hit a fadeaway jumper to bring Toronto within 10, 64-54. The Hawks then had to inbound the ball with 0.6 seconds remaining. Whenever this happens, teams more often than not just toss the ball to whoever is closest to the sideline and they'll throw up a halfhearted full-court heave, if that; 0.6 seconds is enough to get a shot off, but not nearly enough time to make such a heave worth the effort.

Not this time! Kevin Huerter took off down the court as soon as Siakam scored. Solomon Hill noticed this and dropped an absolute dime to a streaking Huerter, who then laid it in as time expired. It was awesome.

We haven't seen a throw like that since Super Bowl LV, honestly. A gorgeous pitch-and-catch. It is somewhat reminsicent of that time Kevin Love (one of the best of all-time at this full-court heaves) hit LeBron James with less than five seconds left against the Wizards while the pair was in Cleveland and LeBron nailed the turnaround to tie the game.

The stakes here are obviously much lower but it was way more impressive of a throw. Hill should link up with Matt Ryan. Might have some tips for him.