Hawks Fans Are Bashing Al Horford, So His Sister is Defending Him on Twitter

By Jason McIntyre
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At any rate, Hawks fans are pissed at Horford for leaving for the Celtics. That’s what fans do these days. They should see Jerry Seinfeld’s riff on delusional sports fans:

But in Atlanta they’re not level-headed – hey, decades of futility isn’t easy to stomach – so they’re acting irrationally on twitter, and here’s how Al Horford’s sister responded to them:

I have no dog in this fight. But I don’t understand why Al Horford couldn’t decide to leave a job he worked at for nine years. The Celtics offered him $113 million over four years. Atlanta wasn’t going there. How are Hawks fans going to tell Horford – this was his last hefty contract, as he just turned 30 – that he should taken have taken eight figures less to stay in Atlanta?