Hauser Brothers: Wisconsin Badgers Out of Running [UPDATE]


There had been a lot of hope amongst Wisconsin Badgers fans that Marquette transfers Sam and Joey Hauser would be heading to Madison, but according to Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Jeff Potrykus that is not in the cards:

Earlier this month, Jeff Goodman of Stadium reported that Michigan State and Virginia were also on the brothers’ radar. Virginia has been rumored as the favorite landing spot throughout the process, but Badger fans had a lot of optimism that perhaps they could be swayed to Madison.

This past season, Sam Hauser averaged 33.4 minutes and 14.9 points per game while Joey Hauser averaged 29.2 minutes and 9.7 points. Sam has one season left of eligibility while Joey has three.

UPDATE: The Journal-Sentinel story expects Sam Hauser to pick Virginia and Joey Hauser to pick Michigan State.

UPDATE II: The brothers say they haven’t made their final decision: