Harvey Levin Says TMZ Has Damning Evidence for the NFL on the Ray Rice Video

By Michael Shamburger

TMZ’s Harvey Levin was a guest on Washington DC’s Fox 5 today, and claimed to have evidence that will, in the best case scenario, prove that the NFL was willfully ignorant of the surveillance video that TMZ published this morning.

“When you wake up tomorrow and go to our web site, you will see what the NFL didn’t do,” he said. “I have gotten conflicting stories on this, and we have some people saying [the league] saw this, but I now believe they actually turned a blind eye to it, and it’s a shameful story. The NFL knew this surveillance video existed. They knew that this casino had surveillance video. I know they knew that, and we will explain later why we know they knew that, but they did — and they didn’t do anything to look at this video.”

“It almost feels like the NFL didn’t want to know,” he said. “The only reason all of this has happened today is that the NFL was backed into a corner because we put this video up.”

It goes without saying that it’s not a great look for the league that the absolute best case scenario is that they were egregiously incompetent.

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[via myFOXdc]