John Daly Shot 12-Over at The Open Despite a Cameo In Hardy's 'Truck Bed' Video

Taylor Lewan and King Bach also make appearances. In the video. Not at the golf tournament.

John Daly shot back-to-back 77s at The Open for a cumulative score of +12 and will not make the cut, but at least he's in a new music video. it's unclear if country / rock musician HARDY meant to time the release of his new music video for the song "Truck Bed" with the 2023 British Open because of John Daly's involvement, but it makes sense to me. Just like John Daly showing up at a party wearing a DAD hat makes sense in the video.

Taylor Lewan, the Tennessee Titans three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman, also shows up in the same scene as Daly. Lewan absolutely looks like he belongs at the party. He just stands out because he's at least half a foot taller than every other extra at this party.

If you watch the video, you'll see Lewan, wearing a Motley Crue shirt, part the crowd and use a fire extinguisher to put out a man who is on fire. This man is on fire because someone brought a flamethrower to the party.

This type of behavior would certainly not be tolerated in Jason Aldean's small town. Though Hardy's small town is supposedly smaller, which makes you wonder if someone might be taking creative license. Anyway, once the man on fire is put out, Daly emerges and hands him a beer, which is all the medical attention he apparently required. Everyone then goes back to rocking out.