Hard Pass Podcast: The Inaugural Voyage of a Groundbreaking New Sports & Entertainment Podcast


If you’re reading this, you might want to check it out. It’s called the “Hard Pass Podcast” and the guys talk about all the stuff that the young kids are talking about on their Google Plus and Tinder accounts. Seriously, it’s pretty damn viral, you guys. In fact, it could be the first time this particular concept has ever been tackled on the Internet and — frankly — it’s amazing it took until 2014 to happen.

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This week: Far away college football schedules, pumpkin-flavored everything, Eli Manning’s sex appeal (see below), Sons of Anarchy, NBC’s Must See TV, and fond memories of the VHS era. Then Jason Lisk stops by to talk about blogger fashion, the Royals’ playoff chances, dancing in the kitchen, and amazingly, more VHS talk. Seriously. There was a lot of discussion of VHS tapes.

Finally! Sports and pop culture have a place where they can come together and hangout digitally. This is what we call a “game-changer.” So give it a listen and let us know what you think. Specifically, if you like what you’ve heard, tweet @thatsonpoint. If you have harsh criticisms that could help them either improve or quit, tweet @stephen_douglas. Either way, the guys will be back next week, assuming the Internet is still a thing by then!

Thanks for listening!