Hard Pass Podcast: Episode 3 - Bill Simmons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Ryder Cup


Welcome back to the Hard Pass Podcast. This is our third episode overall and second this week. (Both are podcasting records.) For this round of podcast-y goodness, we invited our resident golf commenter/commentator Spencer096 on to discuss Bar Rescue and dismiss America’s chances of winning the Ryder Cup.

With Bill Simmons suspended, Stephen and Mike guess some lines. Plus, Cardillo has started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine at an alarming rate and Stephen talks about what would happen if something fell on him in the bathroom while he’s home alone.

We apologize in advance as we are still trying to work out Cardillo’s squirrel-in-a-tin-can audio issues. (He’s on his way back to Best Buy as you read this!) The good news is that Spencer’s beard was brushing against his microphone for his entire segment which will make Cardillo sound much better in comparison! Meanwhile, it sounds like Stephen is coming to you live from wherever you’re listening. You’re on public transportation? Stephen is in the seat right behind you. You’re at the gym? Stephen is standing next to you watching ESPN on mute. You’re in your living room? Stephen is sitting on your couch, drinking your beer.

Stephen’s Podcast-Related Story: In between pods 1 & 2 I missed the above call on Skype. Damn. Wonder if hotjennifer wants to appear on a future episode.


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