Haley Cavinder Shushed the Crowd After Making Huge Free Throws to Help Miami Upset Indiana

Miami Hurricanes guard Hanna Cavinder (15) poses for selfies...
Miami Hurricanes guard Hanna Cavinder (15) poses for selfies... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The University of Miami women's basketball team went into Bloomington on Monday night and upset the top-seeded Indiana Hoosiers, 70-68. Lola Pendande led Miami in scoring with 19 points, Destiny Harden added 18 and Jasmyne Roberts had 16.

Haley Cavinder had nine points, including five in the final two minutes. She hit a three to put the Hurricanes up 65-60 and then two huge free throws with 12.5 seconds remaining that silenced the home crowd. Highlighted by Cavinder putting her finger to her lips to shush the crowd.

After Indiana's Yarden Garzon tied the game with a three, Harden hit the game-winner with 3.3 seconds remaining.

Just a rough couple days for Indiana basketball.

But what a moment for Cavinder, who also had eight rebounds, one assist, one steal and one block. Her sister, Hanna Cavinder, added three points, three rebounds and two assists off the bench. The twins have made plenty of headlines this year due to NIL and their transfer to The U, which drew the attention of the NCAA because of a family dinner with a Miami booster.

"Keep talking" seems to go against the message behind the shush, but they're going to the Sweet 16 so they get to make the rules.