Hail to the Click-tors: Jim Harbaugh is the Buzzfeed of College Coaches

Kyle Koster

What if we told you Jim Harbaugh did something wacky with a recruit? Would you believe it? Would you believe that this fiery football coach also has a fun side to his personality?

Because that’s exactly what we’re telling you. Harbaugh had a Netflix and Chill night with Connor Murphy, a four-star defensive end from Phoenix.

It was the second time in a week the Michigan Man has had a sleepover with a male high school student. Under normal circumstances, that’d be weird but instead it’s just Harbaugh being Harbaugh.

To be fair, this overnight visit was different than the one with Quinn Nordin because Harbaugh had an existing relationship with the Murphys. Trent Murphy played for him at Stanford and is now a member of the Washington Redskins.

As stated before, these goofy gimmicks are no accident. They are part of a calculated plan to go viral, something 16-18 year-olds value over pretty much anything. By breathlessly covering everything Harbaugh does, I’m the sucker who is doing his work for him. And yet here we are.

This site and others in the space are essentially creating a “15 Times Jim Harbaugh Was Insane” slideshow, one stunt at a time.

Whoever the puppetmaster is here, they deserve a raise.

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