Video of Violent Gym Brawl Goes Viral

A lot of punches thrown.

On Wednesday, video of a violent brawl in a gym began circulating the Internet. We have no idea when or where this happened -- we'll update you if we find out -- but the footage is crazy.

We don't know what set this whole thing off but it appeared to be two groups fighting each other and just when you think it is going to stop, it keeps going.

My favorite part of this video is all the people just sitting around, waiting to resume their workouts. Look guys, they're just looking to press some iron, can you guys just sort this all out with some overpriced protein shakes or something?

Two of my favorite shots from this video are below.

First, this dude who clearly took a Tuesday night boxing class or two attempting to employ the Mayweather shoulder roll defense.

And then there's this guy, who has kept his headphones on and is just waiting to resume his leg presses.

Everyone is lucky no weights or equipment was used in this fight because that could have gotten really bad. But several guys in the background got absolutely lit up. It's all so dumb I don't even want to know what set it off.