Gunshot Victim at White Sox Game Reportedly Snuck Weapon In By Hiding It In Her Fat Folds

Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

Two women were wounded by gunfire during Friday night's Oakland Athletics-Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field. The incident in the left field bleachers did not stop the game at all and made for a bizarre and confusing story over the weekend with many people speculating where the bullets may have come from. This morning it was looking more clear that whomever fired the gun must have been inside the stadium.

ESPN Chicago's Peggy Kusinski provided the next chapter of this tale with a tweet for the ages indicating that one of the injured women had snuck the gun into the stadium by holding it in the folds of her belly fat.

As crazy as it sounds, accidental discharge is the only scenario that made sense. The specifics of how it allegedly went down, though, are not something anyone ever expects to read.

Also, did you know that metal detectors at MLB games can be foiled by a hefty person who has no qualms with stashing a loaded gun into their nether regions? Seems like a bit of a problem.

The Chicago White Sox season has not been boring. What will happen next? Stay tuned.