Guess We're Doing the Tim Tebow Thing Again


Tim Tebow is continuing his once-impossible dream of playing Major League Baseball. And he’s so much closer to realizing it than he was when the idea hatched. New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said he believes Tebow will play for the big club one day.

That unavoidable subtext you feel is the debate over whether it will be merit-based or a cheap ploy to improve the bottom line.

Anyway, Tebow is down at Spring Training, doing Spring Training things like taking batting practice. Lo and behold, the large adult outfielder blasted a dinger.

Off a dang shed. We have no idea just how far the shed is form the outfield fence but it must be quite some distance to necessity some big arrow-drawing.

This, apparently, is how it’s going to be again. Any time Tebow does something halfway decent on the field, you’re going to be bombarded by coverage. Accept it.

I say this with the knowledge that I’ll be a part of it. Inevitably, I’ll be receiving a text from my boss after a meaningless minor league home run this summer asking me to get on it. Apologies in advance. We all have crosses to bear.

One more time for the record: Tebow exceeded expectations last year by putting up a .226/.309/.347 slash line across two “A” leagues at ages 29 and 30. People are rooting for him because he is a good guy with a great story. He’ll likely play for the Mets in the future whether he earns it or not.

But if a co-worker talked about a Single-A player who hit .226 and slugged .347 as much as the media covers Tebow, you’d be freaked out if that person weren’t a family member of the player.

That’s the terrifying truth, even if you would rather see him sock a few BP dingers.