Guardians Fans Brawl After Man Hits Woman Who Spit on Him


Cleveland Guardians fans brawled in the stands over the weekend in a wild scene. It all started after a woman appeared to spit on a man sitting in front of her. He responded by hitting her and fighting with the guy next to her as well.

Check this out:

This is apparently a few moments later from a different angle:

There's absolutely no one to root for in this video. Just a bunch of a-holes being a-holes. Don't spit on people, and don't physically attack people. And if you're a man that takes a swing at a woman, here's hoping you get punched exceptionally hard in the face. I hope MLB bans everyone involved in this melee for life.

The video is from Saturday but is just being passed around now. The Guardians beat the Angels 8-6 that day, so at least the fans have that going for them.