Grizzlies Agree to Send Mike Conley to Jazz

Liam McKeone

Mike Conley has been subjected to trade rumors for quite some time. The longtime point guard in Memphis is a franchise favorite, but once his running partner in Marc Gasol was traded this past season, the writing was on the wall that he too was on his way out. Just before the draft, the Grizzlies finally pulled the trigger, sending Conley to the Jazz for Jae Crowder, Kyle Korver, and picks.

This is a decent trade for Memphis, picking up another pick in this year’s draft plus a future first in return for a player clearly out the door. It was rumored around the deadline they were very close to a trade with Utah, but ultimately fell apart because the Grizzlies wanted some younger players in return. The trade also virtually guarantees that Memphis will select Ja Morant with the No. 2 pick in the draft this Thursday.

The Jazz ended up having to send Grayson Allen, last year’s 21st overall pick, to get the deal done. Allen wouldn’t move the needle for them anytime soon, but he was still a young player they felt had potential. Still, they’re probably happier sending off him than Dante Exum. It’s a huge get for Utah, who needed a primary creator besides Donovan Mitchell. No player they could’ve picked up in the draft would have done as much for them as Conley could. However, Conley will cost them some dough; he’s under contract for $32 million this upcoming year and $35 million in 2020, should he decide to opt in to his player option.

A solid trade for both sides here. The youth movement is on in Memphis, while the Jazz fill their biggest need this offseason without giving up anything big.