Grilling Fans Wearing Horse Masks Produces Strangest Video of the Season

facebooktwitter posts, rough estimate, 2.67 million videos during the baseball season. Highlights, bloopers, fans holding babies, crying babies, fans dropping babies to catch foul balls, etc. If it happens during a game, chances are MLB will post it online — a radical departure from the days when it would scrub any and all baseball content posted to YouTube.

How far in the opposite direction have MLB and MLB Advanced Media gone?

For some reason these two fans wearing horse masks grilling in San Francisco’s McCovey Cove made it online to, where it eventually found its way to Baseball Reddit and now here. Why? We’ll probably never know. My best guess someone working at MLB was trying for little levity on a Saturday night via these sublime five seconds of footage.

The Internet, it provides us so many answers but often just as many questions.

[H/T r/baseball]