Green Bay Screwed By Referees As They Blow Pass Interference Call Live and On Replay


The NFL continues to find new and inventive ways to make fans scream, "What were the referees thinking there!?"

During the 3rd quarter of the Green Bay Packers - Philadelphia Eagles Thursday Night Football game, Aaron Rodgers threw down the sideline to Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Eagles cornerback Avonte Maddox put his hand in his facemask and jumped into his chest without turning around. No penalty was called.

Watching it live, it looked like pass interference. Packers coach Matt LaFleur threw the challenge flag and the referee went to the monitor. Watching it on replay 37 times, it looked like pass interference. Guess who didn't agree? The referee.

What is the point of being able to challenge pass interference if the officials are still going to blow the call? Just blow up the replay system. Either live with bias and an incredible amount of human error, or get everything right.

I understand being handcuffed by camera angles and manpower and money in lower levels of the sport, but the NFL has no excuse. They've got hundreds of millions of dollars and can staff a remote control center with hundreds of people to just watch football and understand rules and help the referees properly apply those rules to the football games they are working.

This wasn't just a blown call. It was either refusal to admit a mistake, or gross incompetence. The bad news is that it happened early enough in the game that no one will point to it and blame this call for the outcome. The good news is that it set an NFL record for most blown pass interference calls on one play.

The official NFL Officiating explanation for the double-no-call answered no questions and should make no one happy. According to Joe Buck, there have been 27 pass interference challenges this season and only seven have been overturned.