Greatest Shot in March Madness History Didn't Count as a Shot or Go In the Basket

Daryl Banks III against Kentucky on Thursday.
Daryl Banks III against Kentucky on Thursday. / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Saint Peters was back in action on Saturday night, taking on Murray State for a chance to advance to the Sweet 16. The 15-seed took a lead into intermission, but did not play a perfect half. With about five minutes remaining Doug Edert threw a bad pass to Daryl Banks III. Banks had to track the ball down in the corner and throw it behind his back as he ran out of bounds. The ball nearly went in the basket.

Picking a superlative for the shot is tough, but if you want to be accurate, you can say that if the ball had gone in it would have been the most spectacular shot in the history of the NCAA tournament. Maybe college basketball. Perhaps the sport in general. Hyperbole? We'll never know because as you can see, the ball didn't go in, which is a real shame. Image the hidden gems that would be uncovered as people argued that this wasn't the coolest shot ever.

If you look at the game play-by-play, the official scorers didn't even bother with this play. Banks wasn't even credited with a field goal attempt. And Fousseyni Drame wasn't credited with an offensive rebound even though he recovered the ball after a teammate threw it off the rim. That means there is no official record that this shot even took place.