Grayson Allen Looks Like Everything to Everyone


Grayson Allen was discovered by the America public at large on Monday night as he scored 16 points off the bench in Duke’s National Championship win over Wisconsin. (Second-most points ever by a player off the bench in an NCAA Final.) Having watched most of the tournament out the corner of my eye while messing around on Twitter and the other half through the bottom of a pint glass, even I have to admit last night was the first time I got a good look at the kid. Believe it or not, he kind of looked like somebody I had seen previously. I was not the only one.





What a time to be alive. Turns out that Grayson Allen looks like everything to everyone. Is it fitting that he’s the same age as this song?

In case you were wondering, I think Grayson Allen looks like a friend’s little brother. You probably won’t know him.


The question is, who does Grayson Allen look like to you? [Image via GoDuke]