Grayson Allen Has Yet Another Gray Area Video


Grayson Allen seemingly cannot go more than a game or two without a video making the rounds where it is difficult to judge his intent. He was, as everyone knows, suspended “indefinitely” for one game for a lifetime achievement award of tripping his opponents. Saturday brought a new video where it was hard to tell whether his awkward leg flailing was on purpose or not.

In tonight’s 88-72 loss to Florida State, Allen was flying out of bounds. He appears to reach out and shove an opposing assistant coach out of the way:

This is another instance where we just can’t really know what is going through his mind. This video is in slow motion. Maybe he was trying to get the coach out of the way and avoid a worse collision? But, because of his body of his work, expect this video to be heavily scrutinized.

What do you think?

[H/T Spun]