'Good Morning Football' Crew Absolutely Perplexed By Tony Romo Anointing Zach Wilson

Kay Adams on Good Morning Football.
Kay Adams on Good Morning Football. /

The Good Morning Football crew of Kay Adams, Kyle Brandt, Peter Schrager and DeAngelo Hall had a very serious conversation this morning. With a heavy dose of skepticism and confusion, they tried to wrap their heads around Tony Romo saying Zach Wilson was not just going to be a good rookie, but a Patrick Mahomes-level player in just a few short years.

This wasn't so much a conversation about Wilson, but about Romo and why he would drop what really is a very bold hot take. Everyone just took turns being completely befuddled. On the one hand, they know that Romo is very good at his job and is actually known for acruately predicting things. On the other hand, Romo has literally only seen some film from preseason games.

So what is the motive behind this take? Hall said Romo's heart didn't sound into it. Schrager pointed out that Romo also compared Wilson to Dan Marino a few backs at a golf tournament. Maybe the funniest part is that Adams was worried that Jets fans might get their hopes up. The best anyone can do is that Brandt thinks Romo's employer, CBS, has a vested interest in Wilson being good because they are hold the rights to AFC games.

In the end they just throw their hands up and wonder if they might be the crazy ones. Sometimes that's all you can really do when you can't do anything but wait for the future to get here.