Good for the Umpire Who Was Mean to a Dog


Human beings are up in arms this morning because a minor league umpire was rude to a dog. Not me, though. It is extremely cool that the man behind the plate fetched the bat before his canine counterpart. A victory for mankind, really.

And look, fans at last night’s Sacramento Rivercats-Las Vegas Aviators game didn’t much care for it but sometimes the right thing isn’t always the most popular thing.

No one wants to say it, so I will. Finn The Bat Dog has a gotten a little high on his haunches lately. He’s not really doing anything Bat Boys haven’t been doing for a 100 years. And the humans who pick up bats do so without the help of an on-field handler.

Score one for efficient labor.

I’m also having serious doubts Finn’s character. Like, it’s pretty clear that someone else is operating his Twitter account, right? Never once have I seen a dog with the dexterity to negotiate a keyboard and a thorough grasp of the English language.

Makes you think someone else is doing it and specifically tagging larger accounts in an effort to increase social reach. That’s problematic.

Call me old-fashioned, but it was great to see such hustle from an umpire. Maybe if Finn would have been a little quicker on the draw, he could have done his job.

Hopefully he learns from the experience.

As for the ump: keep doing you, man. The haters are just jealous.