Good for the Iowa Fan Who Took A Foul Ball From a Kid


Everyone is upset with this Iowa Hawkeyes fan who snagged himself a foul ball at the Big Ten Tournament today. They think he, a middle-aged man, should have let a younger Ohio State supporter get the souvenir. But you know what? These people are wrong.

If the Buckeyes kid wanted a foul ball so badly, he should have been quicker. He is younger, spry, and has vast reserves of energy that the Iowa guy hasn’t tapped into for years. He should treat this is a life lesson, something to learn from. Better luck next time.

And let’s not act like the newest public enemy here snatched the ball out of a kid’s hands or anything. He was there first. It wasn’t that close. I’m not sure he even noticed another person in his orbit before picking the item up.

Sure, it would have been nice if he’d offered his younger competition the ball, but he is not bound to do so. People of all ages enjoy getting a foul ball at the game, not just kids.

Unpopular opinion? Sure. But look, I have kids and they literally get what they want all the time. Meanwhile my life is miserable in comparison and snagging a baseball would do wonders to boost the spirit. Afterward, yeah, I’ll give it to a youngster but I will not be denied the specific thrill. I have so little.

Be warned, kids. Dads and grandpas alike are poised to reign down retrieval fury in the aisles. The kid gloves are off.