Police Chase Stolen Golf Cart Through Streets of LA


Police car chases are a staple of life in Los Angeles and can be must-see TV, but the usual formula got a twist on Sunday night. This time police were chasing a stolen golf cart through the streets of the city. The man driving through LA on a golf cart with police trailing him was barefoot, shirtless and had a dog on his lap. It was insane.

Check this out:

Here are some more shots:

Yeah. That actually happened. A guy was rolling through the streets of Los Angeles, avoiding the LAPD on a stolen golf cart, with no shoes or shirt and while chilling with his dog. It was legitimately an 15 mph chase. Just absolutely surreal.

The police did eventually stop him after he entered a parking lot, ditched the golf cart and started running while carrying his dog.

As a Southern California native, I thought I'd seen every type of police chase I was ever going to see. I was wrong.