Goldberg, Undertaker Nearly Killed Each Other With Botched Moves At Super ShowDown


Goldberg and The Undertaker faced each other for the first time at WWE’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. Many were looking forward to the two superstars finally facing off, but at a combined age of 106, the duo didn’t look good in the ring. In fact, they almost severely injured each other on multiple occasions.

A few of the worst botches follow.

Goldberg attempted to perform his “Jackhammer” move on Undertaker and wound up just dropping him on the base of his neck:

Undertaker dropped Goldberg on the top of his head with his signature “Tombstone”:

And on this one, Goldberg attempted to lift Undertaker and this happened:

Both of their intros were awesome but after that the match was an absolute disaster.

Undertaker was not happy at the end of the match:

It was sad. It looked like both guys were struggling with their conditioning (maybe the 100 degree heat had something to do with it?) and that neither belonged in the ring.