Goldberg and Undertaker React in Aftermath of Botched WWE Super Showdown Match


Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker had what was universally considered to be a brutal match on Friday at WWE’s Super Showdown. Goldberg appeared especially woozy, having entered the match with a bloody head possibly from his trademark door-banging and then also from a spot where he went head-first into the turnbuckle.

Here’s what Goldberg said in response to all of the criticism he was taking for the match:

The Undertaker was characteristically more cryptic, but if we’re to read tea leaves from his social media activity — as well as just the look on his face at the end of the match that implied serious disdain — he was none too pleased with what transpired:

Even if that ‘like’ came from someone tasked with managing Taker’s social media, you could read that thought all over his face at the conclusion of the match. Nonetheless, it’s not as though he and Goldberg did not have agency here. Yes, they were presented with rather large checks that made it difficult for them to say no — after all, Shawn Michaels’ only return match in a prolonged retirement was last year in Saudi Arabia — but they still could have said no.