The 'Godzilla vs. King Kong' Trailer Is the Most Exciting Thing to Happen in a Long Time


Godzilla vs. King Kong is slated for release on March 26, 2021. After seeing the trailer, which aired during yesterday's football action, my six-year-old son may not sleep until then. He is currently bounding about the house talking about how "sick" and "ridiculous" it all is while acting out the moves in great detail with no regard to property damage.

And you know what? Usually this would be cause for concern, but in this case, I fully support him crackling like a live wire or Ray Lewis before a big AFC Championship Game. Because the Godzilla vs. King Kong trailer is both sick and ridiculous and additionally a promise of future awesomeness.

A streak of maybe 16 or 17 years without jumping out of my seat to give a high-five after viewing a clip for a coming attraction was snapped last night as two generations of Koster men shared the most special of male-bonding moments. Something that appealed to the child in us both.

If for some reason you haven't been up all night snorting repeated viewings, please enjoy your first.

Perfection. No notes. And no real analysis besides the most basic, but perhaps most meaningful illustration. I've never felt more connected on a friendship/shared interests with my son as I did as this thing flashed across the television. I vividly remember working through the monster movie section at Blockbuster and knockoff chains alike. King Kong and Godzilla were always No. 1 and No. 1a.

What a joy to feel something so powerful and so trivial. There are going to be dangerous levels of bro-ing out come the end of March. We honestly might have to shut down the site for a few days to let everyone come down from the assured high the flick will deliver.

In the meantime, there's a 1,700-word breakdown of the trailer over at Uproxx, which is not at all overkill. May it be only the first in an endless stream of thinkpieces and ancillary content.